Cognitive Sciences Strategies for Futures Studies (Foresight)

Accepted to be presented by KogWis 2016: Doctoral Symposium, Bremen Spatial Cog- nition Research Centre, Universität Bremen, 26-30 Sep 2016.  Abstract. Developing the conceptual model of the origin of the idea of future scenarios leads to explore Cognitive Sciences (CS) strategies for Futures Studies (FS). This research will try to answer how scenario planning would

Specialty foresight meeting

The specialty foresight meeting was held Tuesday, November 30, at the Institute of Social Studies and Research of the University of Tehran With regard to the role of science centers in the development and leadership of the society, the first meeting began with the question of how to achieve a desirable and sustainable future. During

World Future Day at the University of Tehran

World Future Day’s special meeting this Wednesday, was held in collaboration with the Millennium project at the University of Tehran Institute of Social Studies. In this academic event, with the participation of representatives of several top companies and non-profit organization, along with welcoming students interested in futures studies, Dr. Ahmad Mahdeyan, who is among the