Report on holding speciality session about review and analysis of newest and outstanding reports and findings of futures studies.

📡 Report on holding speciality session about review and analysis of newest and outstanding reports and findings of futures studies.

🗓 Monday, April 15, 2019
🏛 Hosted by IRIB

✅ At this session, Dr Ahmad, futurist, reviewed and analyzed newest findings of futures studies which have at least one visual output and have been outstanding due to the methodology and statement of the world’s future status.
✒️ Mr Ahmad Mahdeyan, PhD in Futures Studies, indicated on the necessity of visual output due that in futures studies imagination of the possible futures is very important. So studies those researchers weren’t successful to make a picture of their finding, needs more efforts in understanding the subject.
⏺ Based on the summary of the session, which was simultaneously broadcast live on the DrFuturist page at Instagram, Global mega trends include social change, climate change and technological developments were introduced as forces shaping the future of the world.
↕️ A review of futures studies reveals a deep divide between theoretical and practical studies that can be attributed to the competitive aspects of different institutions for future success.
↘️ In the following brief description, you can see the topics discussed on the basis of the newest and outstanding reports and findings of futures studies.
⏩ The development of technology that can facilitate the use of renewable energies, but these changes may, together with the increase in urbanization, create revolutions in at least one third of the world’s societies.
➡️ The use of the fifth generation (5G) of mobile internet that is the facilitator of the internet of things (IoT) and the director of communication industry with the extinction of the current generation of smartphones. These changes that are with the support of artificial intelligence (AI), Three-dimensional printers (3D) and soft self-assembling robots indicate huge changes in the business.
👥 As noted, technology development is the basis of social change, which, given the ageing of the workforce in high-income and developing countries, highlights the rising of the median age of African workers.
↪️ Social unrest and the spread of injustice caused by selfish-based capitalist systems give rise to sporadic mass migrations. So it is desirable that politicians, by eradicating this selfishness, ensure a universal Basic Income for all human beings to achieve self-actualization.
📶 The development of cyberspace highlights the importance of online communities for social research, which, given the rapid rate of environmental changes, is the basis for the development of futures studies, and this, in its interaction with other changes for sustainable development, shows the necessity of personal futures research. Therefore, we need networking and interaction with stakeholders to create fundamental changes.
⏩ The education system requires a positive change in the development of social creativity and social cooperation in order to prevent human deprivation in the unnecessary competition for learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) which machines can better be used today, so that human resources lead to sustainable development.
Big data is a valuable source for providing guidance to policymakers and chief executive officers (CEOs). Relying on these big data, reporters can provide good services to the stakeholders. In addition, this opportunity has enabled every human being to act at least as a virtual think tank.
🌦 In the field of environmental change, even if full implementation of the Paris agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, at least Increase the temperature of the globe by two degrees is inevitable. Therefore, it must be prepared to face extreme weather changes such as increasing numbers of intense rainfall events like flooding, along with the stresses caused by shortages of drinking water resources, as well as changes in the emergence and extinction of different generations of organisms, especially insects. In the meantime, carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, with the invention of a new combination of matter and energy coupled with genetic manipulation, can create a system for converting carbon into useful products such as trees system.

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⏹ The list of the newest and outstanding reports and findings of futures studies.

  • Futurists Distribution Map Around The World
  • Foresight by online communities – The case of renewable energies with the support of The Hamburg Ministry of Science, Research and Equalities
  • Towards 5G: Scenario-based assessment of the future supply and demand for mobile telecommunications infrastructure with the support of the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council
  • Big Data sources and methods for social and economic analyses with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the Spanish Ministry of Education
  • Exploring innovation ecosystems across science, technology, and business: A case of 3D printing in China with the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the MOE (Ministry of Education in China)
  • Energy transitions and social revolutions with the support of the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme and the Austrian Science Fund
  • Scenario archetypes of the futures of capitalism: The conflict between the psychological attachment to capitalism and the prospect of its dissolution
  • Mapping futures studies scholarship from 1968 to present: A bibliometric review of thematic clusters, research trends, and research gaps
  • ۲۰۱۸ Global Go To Think Tank Index Report with the support of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Iran 2040 Project with the support of the Stanford University
  • ۲۰۱۸ TECH TRENDS REPORT by The Future Today Institute
  • DRAFT Work/Technology 2050 (c) 2019 The Millennium Project
  • Future Studies for Individuals in order to do personal foresight
  • MED 2050 Foresight Study on the Environment and Development in the Mediterranean by UNITED NATIONS
  • The future of food and agriculture Alternative pathways to 2050 by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
  • Technology Foresight: A Bibliometric Analysis to Identify Leading and Emerging Methods with the support of the Portland State University
  • Global Futures of Energy, Climate, and Policy: Qualitative and Quantitative Foresight Towards 2055
  • STEM: Silver Bullet for a Viable Future or Just More Flatland?
  • Using Futures Studies Methodologies to Explore the Economic Participation of the Older Cohorts of South Africa’s Population Towards 2030

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