Specialty foresight meeting

Specialty foresight meeting, Dr Ahmad, Futurist, Tehran University
Specialty foresight meeting

The specialty foresight meeting was held Tuesday, November 30, at the Institute of Social Studies and Research of the University of Tehran With regard to the role of science centers in the development and leadership of the society, the first meeting began with the question of how to achieve a desirable and sustainable future. During this meeting Dr. Ahmad, futurist, presented the subjects and the program continued with discussions between Dr Seyyed Zia Hashemi, Dr. Mehdi Naderimanesh and Dr. Mehdi Fatoorehchi. This meeting began by explaining human experiences in realizing alternative futures, such as traveling to the moon, the exploitation of humanoid robots and biotechnology development to control things by mind (BCI) in near future. And then by discussing the importance and necessity of future studies, especially for Iran, in light of effective global trends, including the effects of rising ground temperatures and structural emigration by presenting a few short films, reviewing comparative litratures and statistics, the introduction of some books and the definition of futures studies ended. A series of future studies sessions will be held on Tuesday, every week, inviting people interested in the realization of the advanced Islamic and Iranian society.

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