Cognitive Sciences Strategies for Futures Studies (Foresight)

Accepted to be presented by KogWis 2016: Doctoral Symposium, Bremen Spatial Cog- nition Research Centre, Universität Bremen, 26-30 Sep 2016. 

Abstract. Developing the conceptual model of the origin of the idea of future scenarios leads to explore Cognitive Sciences (CS) strategies for Futures Studies (FS). This research will try to answer how scenario planning would benefit from CS by reshaping mental models? In other hand, how these explored strategies could develop the future oriented intelligence’s machine? This is a vast amount of work to be considered. Modeling via abduction, chance-seeking via interven- tion on tacit knowledge, Acquiring useful information via causality grouping, In- telligence increase over time and idea blending are just the first examples, so we have a long way to go.

Keywords: Cognitive Science; Futures Studies; Mind Structure.
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