Dr. Ahmad: “Tomorrow Matters: Let’s Consider the Future”

🎤 Dr. Ahmad: “Tomorrow Matters: Let’s Consider the Future”

🎥 Full video of Dr. Ahmed’s interview in the Foresight Strategic Weekly Show, which was hosted by Dr. Nilda, professor at Indiana Wesleyan University, USA. https://youtu.be/48nlfV2ARwo

▶ In this interview, you can find short answers to these questions;

  1. Dr Ahmad, How do you define Futures Studies?
  2. Do you find that there is a disconnect with people almost embarrassing or understanding the future?
  3. What is the role of humankind in making the future time?
  4. Does the concept of uncertainties applies to humans and human behavior?
  5. Futures scenarios as the one dominant method of Futures Studies how comes to our mind?
  6. Give me 3 ways that people can begin to change their mindset?
  7. How can people incorporate scenarios to their businesses marketing, and life?
  8. Please more explain your finding about The future time formation model?
  9. How to change?
  10. How can you help people corporations and societies to make their own desirable and sustainable future?


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Dr. Ahmad: “Tomorrow Matters: Let’s Consider the Future”