Global Megatrends affecting climate change

⛈ Global Megatrends affecting climate change

🏛Specialty meeting of futures studies about environment of Iran
⏰ May 8, 2018

1- Technological growth from 1800
🔔 Unbalanced control of the water and air resources due to amplify of human ability with technology acceleration

✅Artificial Intelligence Revolution (4th Industrial Revolution)
👉 Steam, Steel, Textile. 18th
👉 Oil, Electricity, Telephone. 19th
👉 Digital, PC, internet. 20th
👉 AI, Robot, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computer. 21th

✨ Direct connection of the brain to the brain with the computer interface (BCI)
✨ New substance and energy combinations + Genetic Manipulation = Biological Revolution

2- Increased demand for resources since 1950
🔔 More use of water and air resources combined with population growth

✅ Population in 1950 = 2,525 million
👉 The current population growth from 7.6 to 9.9 billion in 2050
👉 The need to increase 50% of food
👉 Increasing immigration and increasing the young and old population of countries

3- Overcoming the production of carbon dioxide on the natural cycle from 1950
🔔 Natural volatility of carbon volume every 100 thousand years

✅ Since 1950, instead of reducing due to increased greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide has increased by 30%.

4- Changes in the Earth’s rotation, speed and angle

🔔 Every 41,000 years, the angle of rotation of the Earth is changing in its axis.
✨ The sun’s radiation becomes more vertical

🔔 In the last 100 years, the speed of the Earth’s rotation speed has reduced by about 2 milliseconds
✨ The probability of severe earthquakes
✨ Increasing of the length of the day


Global Megatrends affecting climate change