Report on holding an interactive workshop on futures studies specifically

? Report on holding an interactive workshop on futures studies specifically

⌛️Wednesday, March 6, 2019

? The session was held on the occasion of the World Future Day, especially for a limited number of foresight activists. Dr Ahmad, Futurist, in collaboration with the participants, simulated a brief trip to the future with the 2050 horizons through science fiction in two hours.

➡️ At the beginning of the session, Mr Ahmad Mehdeyan, PhD in Future Studies, presented the definition of futures studies as a trans-disciplinary field of study and traced its methodological process. He mentioned if we correctly explain the process then this journey towards the future via creativity in order to have a good imagination of the future will be successful.

✅ The future time formation model and a conceptual algorithm of the origin of the future scenarios are among the important assumptions given to participants in order to get a good look at the future, along with examples of its applications such as the future scenarios for the public relations industry.

✅ Dr Ahmad, Futurist, based on the 2050 Work/Technology scenarios which drafted in early 2019 by the Millennium Project with the management of Dr Glenn, imagined how Artificial Intelligence and other developments in the world of science will interact with the various type of responses of the world’s people and policymakers.

? In a favorable scenario, the evolution of artificial intelligence promising self-employment on the basis of self-actualization needs which backed up by governments to guarantee basic income and in fact money without work.

↪️ But in a probable scenario, based on existing trends, widening income gaps and social instability is unavoidable, whose strategy is to change the education system based on creativity and human relationships to prepare teens and high schools students to face the future world, while outlining the efforts of Teach The Future with the management of Dr Bishop, emphasized that these developments, especially when artificial intelligence combine with quantum computers, has consequences that are still unknown.

⏩ Further, depicting various global issues such as climate, democracy, and social change, Dr Ahmed referred to the need for the change of individuals.

? In the end, the workshop’s instructor explained a developing algorithm of future studies for individuals in order to do personal foresight for more than ten years and how anyone with his decisions today can make a big change aimed at creating a sustainable and desirable collective future.

? For any information about upcoming sessions please send number 2050 as a text message (SMS) to +989123437916.